Catering - Sample Menu 8 

Sample menu 8 $70.00

Oyster Natural
>Served in shell with lemon

Pork Belly

>Twice cooked in master stock served on Chinese spoons with wakame

Pumpkin and Goats curd tartlet
>Sour cream tartlet with roasted pumpkin and Woodside goats curd


Seafood Salad
>Crayfish, prawns and calamari with mango chutney mayonnaise


Fillet of Black Angus
>Roast fillet of beef served med rare with beef jus
>With bowls cocktail potatoes and salad with fresh pear and local walnuts
>Dishes of horse radish and mustard, Bread and butter also on tables


Finger food dessert
>Selection of lemon curd tartlets, profiteroles with hazelnut custard
Strawberries dipped in Lindt Couverture chocolate, Turkish delight