Catering - Salads

Salads can be ordered separately by the bowl each salad does up to 30 people $35.00 per Bowl
Generally 3 or 4 bowls of salad per function Buffet or BBQ

Salads made with our fresh mayonnaise or our own dressings (no gluten)

Green Bean Salad
> made from freshly cooked beans, glazed red onions and napoli sauce
Baby Spinach
> with garlic croutons and soy sauce dressing
Asian salad
> baby spinach, Bok choi, cashews, corn kernels, bean sprouts, rice noodles Asian dressing
> Our recipe made with Chinese cabbage, celery, carrot, Spanish onion, home made mayonnaise
Caesar Salad
> Croutons, anchovies, boiled egg with warm bacon dressing
Chunky Potato Salad
> with spring onion, bacon and sour cream
> watermelon, fetta, olives and Spanish onion, mint
Greek Salad
with marinated olives, tomatoes, fetta, cucumber and our own dressing
Moroccan Salad
>Baby spinach, marinated chickpeas, feta, olives, almonds, red onion and topped with dukkah
> with borghul cucumber, tomato, parsley, lemon juice and lemon virgin olive oil
Potato Salad
> with Seeded Mustard Mayonnaise
Pasta Salad
> penne noodles with capsicum, mushroom, tomato and pesto mayonnaise
Cous Cous Salad
> with capsicums, basil, mint
Beetroot Salad
> fresh beetroot with sour cream roasted cumin and dill
Green Salad
> with egg, radish, Balsamic vinegar dressing