Catering - Dinner Menu - Main Course

prices include service, crockery and cutlery
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Choice of 2 $32.00

Atlantic Salmon
>Crispy Skinned served on mash potato with baby capers with avocado & tomato salsa

Butter Chicken
>Marinated in yoghurt and spices served in Makhani & cream sauce

Kangaroo Fillet
>Medallions of roo fillet with glaced quandong  sauce

Organic Pork Scotch
>served with a quince glazed sauce
Organically grown at Furner
Supplied by The Free little Pigs Diamond Springs Pastoral

Scotch Fillet
> red wine and green peppercorn sauce

Scotch Fillet Mushroom Sauce
> red wine and Swiss mushrooms

Scotch Fillet Tapenade
> Topped with tapenade butter (olives, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, anchovies)

Chicken Breast filled with smoked salmon
> and baby spinach with lemon myrtle cream sauce

Chicken Breast topped with avocado
> & bush tomato cream sauce

Chicken Breast filled with and camembert
> and baby spinach with lemon myrtle cream sauce

Pork Belly
> Twice cooked and served on potato & celeriac Mash

Pork Belly
> Twice cooked in Asian master stock with rice pilaf

Venison and Mushroom Pie
> with celeriac and mash red wine jus

with Soup $30.50 with Dessert $31.50

We normally do one meat plus chicken as meal & everyone gets the same

> Blade of Beef
> Boned Leg of Lamb
> Boned Leg of Pork
> Marinated Boned Chicken Legs
> Served with home made gravy and various condiments
E.g. horseradish mustards cranberry
We will serve them with chat potatoes in the skins & mixture of vegetables, bread will be supplied within cost. Other main courses from our menu can be supplied, cost depends on ingredients
We produce everything on premises and are made fresh to order.

Soup, Roast and Dessert $37.50

Slow Cooked Dishes $23.00 per head

Moroccan lamb
Marinated in ras al hanout spices and served with cous cous
Beef With Stout
>Blade of beef cooked with coopers Stout Dijon mustard and served with garlic mash
Beef Red & Mushroom
Blade of beef cooked with red wine, mushrooms and served
Chicken Tikka

noodles and pappadams Marinated with Tikka Masala paste finished with yoghurt
Chicken Red Curry
>Chicken cooked in coconut milk and red curry paste served with pilaf of rice and pappadams

Sharing Platters $29.50
350/400 gms meat per person
2 Roast meats served on platter with roast potatoes

Bowls of vegetables include
> Cauliflower with Moroccan spices tahini and dukkah
Beans with garlic butter
> Roasted Pumpkin with onion& bacon
Condiments served on table