Catering - Cakes

all using fresh ingredients no packets

Lemon Tart $33.00
> Curd tart with lovely tang
Chocolate cake $33.00
> Rich Chocolate Cake
Lemon Aspen Cheesecake $33.00
> Traditional Italian style cheesecake
Pecan Pie $33.00
> Rich pie with almond pastry
Profiteroles $4.00 per two Profiteroles ( minimum 10 )
> Filled with flavoured custard cream and decorated with chocolate
Zuppa Inglese $40.00
> Traditional Italian Sponge layered with chocolate, Vanilla custard cream and liqueur with toasted Almonds
Cupcakes $4.00 each minimum 10
> made with our rich chocolate cake recipe and garnished with chocolate Ganache various toppings
Chocolate cake with ganache $45.00
> This cake can be varied in size for Wedding Cakes, Birthday cakes

Black Forest cake $55.00
Traditional style with marinated sour cherries and kirsh

SLICES $28.00 Serve 15/20
> Biscuit base with home made jam and coconut
Almond Slice
> Sponge topped with almonds
Walnut Chocolate Browine
Banana Cake
> topped with butter icing
Carrot Cake
> topped with butter icing